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Warehouse and Online Inventory Management

Inventory management is essential to the success of your retail and eCommerce business operations. Without a clear picture regarding which specific products you have, where they are located, and the supply that you have left, most companies will end up overspending on redundant inventory. Reducing under- and over-stocking can lower inventory costs by 10 percent.

Considering that the average U.S. retail operation has an inventory accuracy of just 63 percent, it’s evident that there is a real problem impacting millions of businesses worldwide.

In addition to overspending, when inventory levels remain inaccurate, it creates much difficulty sticking to a replenishment schedule and commonly causes customer dissatisfaction due to cancelled orders and long wait times. (Thirty-four percent of businesses have shipped an order late because they accidentally sold a product that was not currently in stock.)

Inside DG warehouse
boxes in the DG Fulfillment warehouse

Our Location

Located just 10 miles from the Port of Los Angeles, DG Fulfillment’s controlled and secured warehouse, as well as our Warehouse Management System with RF scanning, places you in control of facilitating an accurate inventory – anytime, anywhere!

DG Fulfillment’s inventory management services can help you to:

Stay Abreast of your Cycle Counts

The system uses velocity, zero verification, frequency schedule, customer requests, and low stock to do so.

Keep Inventory Straight

Uses PO numbers, incoming receipts, UPC code scanning to keep track of your supply.

Know When to Replenish your Stock

The inventory management system utilizes system-generated replenishment.

Ensure Compliance

The system uses the lot and version numbers to keep track of from where each item came.

Implement Quality Control

DG Fulfillment uses Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that the superiority of the inventory is up to par.

Save Time and Optimize Efficiency

We deploy a batch-picking strategy when appropriate, allowing for pickers to choose multiple items from multiple orders at the same time via SKU rather than going back and forth for the same items.

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