Order Fulfillment

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The Order Fulfillment Process

From the moment that a customer places an order to the moment that it ends up in their hands, the experience becomes a reflection of your company, your standards – and how much you value your customers. Handling everything in-house can prove difficult. Yet the professionalism, reliability, timeliness, and accuracy of your services speak on your behalf. 

With each order inspected and approved of by a member of our Quality Control Team, DG Fulfillment ensures that you are sending the right “message.” 

Our order fulfillment systems are scalable to grow with your company and we have the ability to manage multi-channel distribution. Streamlined inventory fulfillment is imperative to minimizing cost, freeing up valuable resources, and maximizing efficiency. With so much on your plate, outsourcing to a trusted partner can make all the difference.

Think of us as Your Partner

From receiving order selection, to managing and packing inventory to shipping orders, we work around the clock as your business partner, helping you to deliver all materials on time and within budget.

Order Fulfillment Support Services

  • Direct to Consumer (D2C)
  • Business to Business (B2B)
  • Same Day Order Fulfillment
  • Company Story Fulfillment
  • Trade Show Order Fulfillment
  • Marketing Fulfillment
  • Distributions
  • Kit Assembly (Build to Order / Build to Stock)
  • Specialty Kit Distributions
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Personalized Inserts
  • POP Distributions
  • Quality Control
  • Multi-Carrier Shipping
  • Batch-Picking Strategy (Option)

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